Tim Strickland
director of Christ in the Smokies, teaching leader
Tim was born and raised in the Southeast and currently lives in Alpharetta, a suburb north of Atlanta. For Tim, being outside and experiencing nature is where he has connected best with God, and so he’s developed a deep affection for boating, skiing, hiking and other outdoor sports. Tim is happiest when spending time with family and friends, and serving in family, young men and men’s ministry environments. Opportunities to plug into what God is doing locally and globally have led Tim to participate in and lead family mission trips, as well as serve in the local church’s middle school ministry and coach football and wrestling. He enjoys helping young men fulfill their potential on and off the field. Tim is a small business owner in the utility and communications industries and founder of Christ in the Smokies. He and his wife, Toni, married in 1991. They had a son, Taylor, who went to be with the Lord in 2016 at the age of 23.

Mike Haddorff
executive director of Christ in the Rockies, teaching leader
Mike is a Colorado native, small business owner, avid adventure cyclist, and founder of Christ in the Rockies. He has a passion for learning and applying Scripture and faith lessons into life’s many adventures. For years, Mike has led men’s Bible studies, helping others deal biblically with the struggles men face in their careers, relationships and personal faith journeys. He has been married to Sandra since 1976 and has raised four children.

Toni Strickland 
camp administrator
Toni was raised on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and moved with her family to Fort Lauderdale as a teenager. She married Tim in 1991, and they began a journey of adventure in life, and a seeking of and service to the Lord. They engaged at their home church leading adults in small groups, and helping to organize and participate in family missions. Their son, Taylor, was born in 1993, and Toni began serving in their church preschool, helping to ensure a quality Christian environment for children in the community. In 2000, Toni, Tim and Taylor moved to Alpharetta, Georgia, where they found a new church home. Toni is gifted creatively and organizationally, and she puts those gifts to work in her home, where she and her husband enjoy entertaining; in her relationships; on mission trips; and through the church and community—wherever she feels the call for the Kingdom. Her greatest loves include spending time with her husband and grand-dog Axle, traveling, and carrying her son Taylor’s legacy forward through the Taylor Strickland Legacy Foundation.

John Ellard 
committee member and volunteer CITR/CITS
John has been immersed in the wealth and estate planning community his entire career.  He enjoys helping business owners and  families develop an enduring legacy based on their own values through philanthropy. His involvement in the Philanthropic Advisor Leadership Institute, the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Legacy Advisor Council, and the Atlanta Estate Planning Council has only strengthened his resolve.  But John is definitely not an all-work-and-no-play guy. He loves being outdoors, especially sailing and hiking. At his church, John is a Transit Leader, building relationships with middle schools boys to help them become authentic young men.  John has been married to Laura since 1995 and they live in Atlanta with their two children, three cats and a dog. Their son, Justin, is currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corp and Julia is a senior in high school.

Scott DuBois 
camp volunteer
Scott married his bride, Monica, in 1993. They reside in Georgia with two adult children, Madison and Austin. For more than 25 years, Scott has worked and continues to work in the telecom space. He has dedicated the last 20-plus years of his life serving in his local church, focused on leading family and men’s ministries—specifically middle school groups, father-son camps, married couples, mentoring principles of stewardship, Godly living, and through missions. Most recently, the calling on his life has been helping fathers and sons claim identity and sonship in Christ: “to live from the Father’s affirmation . . . knowing who we are and whose we are.”

Tim Baker
camp volunteer
Tim was born in California but considers himself a Southerner after moving to Atlanta in 1972 with his family. He and his wife, Anne, married in 1986, and have raised three sons together.  Tim played three sports in college and loves staying active and being outdoors when he’s not working as an Information Technology consultant. Tim became a Christian in college and has a passion for discipling men through his church and other organizations that encourage living with “nothing to prove, nothing to lose, nothing to fear” as they follow Jesus.  He has experienced the blessings of the Passage to Manhood camps with his sons and loves facilitating with Christ in the Smokies.

Greg Dyson
camp volunteer
Greg is a true southerner. He was born and raised in Salisbury, NC where he enjoyed a life surrounded by a large extended family that instilled in him strong Christian values. He loves the outdoors and being in and around the water. For the past 30 years he has enjoyed a successful career in sales. Greg currently lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Denise. They are active members of their church where he serves and participates in a variety of capacities. He has a daughter Madeline and together Greg and Denise have seven grandchildren.

Darrell Schoenig
Christ in the Rockies board member alumnus, spud cannon designer, CITR and CITS volunteer
An entrepreneur since his youth, Darrell has successfully launched six companies, including Ultimate Support Systems, Inc., designing and manufacturing stands for the music and bicycle industries. He recently designed a portable dental system for delivering dental care to underserved peoples living in remote villages and which serves as a door opener for Christian ministries worldwide. He holds a B.S. in Physical Science from Colorado State University. He has been married to Susan for over 25 years and they have three children. Darrell loves adventure sports, and served on the board of Christ In The Rockies since its inception until 2016.  Darrell has been so gracious as to share his expertise, knowledge and service to Christ in the Smokies since 2020.

Dan Moffit
camp volunteer