Our Values


Brokenness within human relationships is common to all. Inner fear and anxiety tend to inform and eventually shape how we relate to others—especially those we love. As we begin to feel our relational grip slipping, the natural tendency is to buckle down and grip even harder. Further, we tend to place unreasonable demands on others. This only leads to more frustration and anger. The good news is that through Christ, His model and His power offering, we don’t have to live this way. It’s simply not about self-improvement. Rather, it is about learning to embrace what He has already accomplished and what He is offering to you. At this camp, you will receive restorative tools so you can begin to build something new, life-giving and whole.


Jesus said, “I came that [you] may have life and have it abundantly.” In moments of honest reflection, you may very well be asking, “Gee, where did I miss this?” “The realities of life are so severe.” “How do I explain the brutal loss that is so apparent in and around me?” “What do I do with this pain?” As we look again at these words of Jesus, we must remember that His context was the cross. Unlike us, He knew full well the raw brutality that He would be facing. Our calling as followers of Christ is the cross. There is no other way. So how then do we face these unpredictable brutalities of life, but yet do so as Jesus did—with a heart full of joy and peace, and the message of hope coming from our lips? At this camp, you will receive understanding and tools to transform the pain into what Jesus called abundant life.


We eventually end up being characterized by one of two possibilities. The first, which is the default mode of all males, is what can be called a “life taker”—meaning, “Life revolves around me and is all about me.” The second possibility, as modeled by Jesus, is to become a “life giver”—meaning we become a man whereby others around us draw such things as encouragement, counsel, hope and wisdom. It is this second kind of man whom Jesus is calling us to be. This takes a while. It’s a journey. We make mistakes along the way. We find ourselves far from perfect. However, in and through this journey, there is great reward as you begin to see others around you transform through Christ’s life working in and through you. This is your calling.